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Updated: Feb 25, 2021


Remember the days when we were little, we got inspired to dream something big and do something big? We had so much passion, so much hope and so much energy to chase after what we dreamt to do. Nothing could stop us from doing what we loved. We were so clear, so pure that we did not care about what others may have said or thought. We had no worries, no commitment and no stress. Those were the days …

In our busy lives, we tend to live by the day, overwhelmed with the fact we need to take care of bills, commitment and our images. Most of the time, we are not honest with ourselves. We work so hard to achieve and survive but we forget to stop and ask if we are happy doing what we are doing. It is not surprising to realize that we may not be. We get into the circle called “Life” and our dreams just dashed. We hardly could remember our passions, our aspiration anymore. We have so much worries, much thoughts on everything we do. We are afraid to lose, lose something that may not be even real. We may not be ourselves most of the time. That is the reason why the kids do much better than us when it comes to simple questions or games. it is because we complicate things that we should not.

Time flies when we are busy. We hardly remember time anymore. We never get that chance to pursue that dream we had in college or in our childhood and it completely slipped out of our mind.

Slow down, pause a moment and ask yourself: “Am I truly happy? Where did my dreams go? How do I make it happen? If not NOW then WHEN?”


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