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5 tips to a happier life

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Many of us are going through life with so much going on such as agendas, expectations, worries and social pressure etc... We constantly chase for materials, deadlines and live to impress others because we care how we look in others' eyes. As we grow older, time passes even faster and we are always in the state of doing and not in the state of being. Life can be too much sometimes and we slowly became busier, crankier, more stressed, more anxious but less appreciative and less mindful . Did we stop and ask ourselves if we are truly happy with everything that is going on? How can we be happier, truly happier? Here are 5 tips that will help you become happier in life.

1. Live authentically:

We are in the constant attachment of what others think of us. We were programmed since young to live up to our parents, our teachers' expectations and now family's, our friends', our bosses'. We care how others see us and we tend to do and say things that they like. We spend a lot of time to be someone others expect us to be and we become different versions depending on who we are with. Isn't it tiring to put up different masks every time?

Being able to live authentically allows us to connect with ourselves deeply, be our ourselves when we meet others. It helps us filter the wrong people from our lives and only connect with the real ones. We have flaws and so do others. That is what makes us special and unique. Life would be so boring if we are so perfect and there is nothing we need to work on. Embrace our differences and accept who we really are.

Happiness comes when we have the freedom to be who we want to be and not who others want us to be. At the end of the days, compliments or attentions from others does not brings us the happiness that lasts, we have to be happy from within.

2. Have Me time:

In this time of chaos, it is so important to slow down and connect with ourselves. We are drifting through life and constantly get busy with doing things, we forget to take time to check in with ourselves and ask how we are doing. We slowly lose our own identity bit by bit because we hardly spend time with ourselves to understand our needs. Start schedule a date with yourself for an hour daily without anyone or any distractions. Just you and yourself.

3. Be self-reliance:

The road to unhappiness is expectations and being dependent. Self reliance is the key to freedom and happiness while expectations and being dependent on others ruin it. If someone lends us a helping hand, appreciate them. If not, we should be able to do it for ourselves.

If we want to be happy and secure, learn to do things for ourselves. If we want to buy something, buy it for us. If we want to go somewhere, just go. If we want to eat something, treat ourselves to it.

If we don't know how to do something, learn so we can do it again and again for ourselves next time.

4. Practise Gratitude:

As we are too busy with doing things, we hardly have time to acknowledge that we do better than many people in live. We hardly take time to acknowledge the goodness we receive because we could be filled with negativity daily. But if we just take sometimes and reflect how life has been treating us. If we have a roof over our head or clean water or just a breath of fresh air or we still have our parents to take care for etc..., we are more fortunate than many people out there. We can feel grateful for the simplest things in life that we take for granted. When we start counting our blessings, it never ends.

"Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships" according to Harvard Health Publishing

5. Be kind. Help someone:

Kindness improves happiness and well-being. When we are kind to others, we will feel happier. A simple gesture such as complimenting someone or cheering them up when they feel down or helping to carry stuffs for an elderly etc... The world is so volatile that we need more kindness than ever. Try to compliment someone today and you will be so delighted to see how their face lit up when you do so.

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