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With 12 years fully engaged in hotel pre-opening and designing award-winning experience for our guests, we understand the importance of having a unique experience that reminds the guests of what our brands are all about. Here are some of our past projects highlights that stand out in the Singapore hospitality industry. 




Located in the heart of Singapore Central Business District, AMOY stands out among high-end brands with its old charm and thoughtfully personalised service. Housed 37 guest rooms (sized from 13 - 22sqm), without any facilities or proper entrance, AMOY had miraculously surpassed all the well-known brands to clinch #1 spot on Tripadvisor and made its mark in the Singapore hospitality industry with many top awards for its bespoke experience.


The service was consistently thoughtful, sincere, personal, engaging and caring. The thoughtfulness and the extra miles were what touch our guests' hearts and created the memories that last. There was no doubt that the Team was the soul of the hotel that made AMOY #1 and the winners of multiple awards. 

Achievements & Awards

  • Being voted #1 on Tripadvisor (2014 & 2015)

  • Winner of Winners of Top Traveller's Choice Awards in two categories: Top Hotels and Best Service Hotels (Jan 2015 & Jan 2016)

  • ​Best Front Office (2015)

  • Finalist for Best Hotel Experience 2016 by STB


(2016 - 2018)

A living vertical garden in the heart of the city, the Oasia brand focuses on a wellness experience that revolves around the 3 pillars: Refresh, Refuel and Recharge. In addition, Oasia brands also supports sustainability and eco-friendly practices such as recycling programs and reduced plastic waste. 

Oasia guests will have a refreshing experience of the resort-feel and tranquil atmosphere in the mid of the bustling city after a long day. The Oasia experience offers a good selection of healthy foods, wellness touchpoints and activities that will allow its guests to completely unwind and continue their journey in keeping healthy and fit even on their vacations or business trip. The Oasia Team anticipates guests' needs and preference through daily engagement and takes the opportunity to make their experience memorable. 


Achievements & Awards

  • TripAdvisor’s Top Hotel 2018 (Singapore) #20 

  • CTBUH’s Best Tall Building Award 2018 

  • ULI’s Global Awards for Excellence 2017- 2018 - Gold 



(2018 - 2020)

Outpost is one of the latest editions of Far East Hospitality and the first adult-oriented hotel in Singapore. Guests have to be above 12 to check in with us and enjoy the Outpost curated experience. This environment gives our guests a sense of peace and privacy while the colonial black and white design bring our guests back to the past with a hint of modern touch. 

One of the unique features is that guests will get to pick 5 items of their favourite snacks and drinks for their stay from our refreshment bar. While there are plenty of things to enjoy within the hotel, guests will also be able to enjoy the curated itinerary according to their preference. Our Hosts and Guest Experience Team are always there to personally anticipate and attend to the guests' needs.

Achievements & Awards

  • Being voted #4 on Tripadvisor (2020)

  • Most Recommend Hotel by CTrip Guide 2019

  • The Best of the Best award by TripAdvisor - top 1% hotels worldwide (May 2021)

  • Best New Hotel | Asia Pacific 2020 by Travel Weekly Asia

  • Finalist for Best Hotel Experience 2020 by STB. 


(2019 - 2020)

Located in the rich historical building that used to be a British artillery outpost, home to soldiers. The build had gone through many generations and restorations from artillery to Prisoner-of-War-Camp, Training Base, Tourism Academy and finally The Barracks Hotel. 


The guests will be transported back to the romance of the past through the timeless experience that was thoughtfully crafted; the personalized Equerry service and the art of storytelling - the Heritage walking tour. The guests will also be able to enjoy the sumptuous breakfast, all-day refreshment and delightful personal canape at the Living Room while enjoying the timeless tranquillity and thoughtful luxury Experience that  Barracks has to offer. 


Achievements & Awards

  • Being voted #1 on Tripadvisor (2020)

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